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About Company

“Steelconst” is a private enterprise, established in 2018 which specializes in providing welding and assembling services. We are on the West Pomeranian district (Szczecin) near to the river Odra and airport “Goleniow”.

Based on the lease agreements the Company provides the numbers of engineering and administrative staff, welders, millwrights (pipe-fitters), common workers (helpers) for the wide

The Company serves General Metal construction, Polymer and Chemical Markets. Over 93% of our qualified manpower leases in the European Community Market.

100 m2

Office areas

100 m2

Warehouse areas









The administrative staff speaks several languages: Polish, English, German and Russian. In addition, our company is ready to cover any requirements related to engineering.

Our technical staff (welders, millwrights) has been certified according to European standards. At the present most of our welders have European certificates for using argon (TIG-141) method and manual arc (MIG/MAG- 111,135,136 etc.) methods. We have a good price for performance.




High-qualified Engineering specialists of "Steelconst" LLC. with over 10 years management experience, who is managing projects mainly in steel construction and chemical (gas and oil/polimery plants).
Moreover, our engineers are able to manage multiple teams to deliver one set timeline and escalate. In addition to this, they are all highly flexible regarding work schedule and responsibilities.

Our Welding Engineers are the experts in equipment development and industrialization implementation. They have solid working knowledge of control plans and process flow charts with a combination of strong understanding of tooling, equipment building and automation principles and techniques. Most of them are speaking in English language.



Steelconst has experienced TIG, MIG/MAG welders for mainline and fabrication welding for oil and natural gas pipeline welding jobs in the European Union.
We currently have the numbers of TIG, MIG/MAG welders for steel constructions as well as for pipeline industry and fabrication. Welder’s helpers also have prior helper experience or a welding school degree as a minimum job requirement.



Our professional millwrights (pipe-fitters) specialists have the ability to erect or build machinery, as well as assembling pipeline constructions for chemical(polymer) industries as well as for gas and oil industry.
Design, Fabricate parts, Repair, Refurbishment, & Field Fabrication.

Common workers


Our helpers assist assembling pipelines, construction craftworkers, such as electricians and carpenters, with a variety of tasks. They may carry tools and materials or help set up equipment. Many of our helpers work with cement masons to move and set the forms that determine the shape of poured concrete. Other helpers assist with taking apart equipment, cleaning up sites, and disposing of waste, as well as helping with any other needs of craftworkers.

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    ”STEELCONST” owns high-quality specialists in order to meet rigorous demands of our customers.
    Quality control representatives of our company are present at any entities, with which we have the contracts.
    Addition to this, our company deliver the number of supervisors for free to our counterparts.
    This is other beneficial elements for control and effectiveness of productivity for our workers at any workshops or construction fields.

    Need a consultation?

    IT'S FREE! Fill in your contact details and we will get back to you


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